Wedbio ~ An Elegant Wedding Website, Online Invitation & RSVP.

Wedbio - Elegant Wedding Website, Online Invitation & RSVP.

Awesome Features



Our website is using secure connection HTTPS and unique encryption to protect your data.
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Elegant Wedding Website

A stunning wedding website will be served to your guests through our platform.
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Custom Domain

You can choose your own domain for your wedding website.
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Besides online invitation, we also provide qrcode digital wallet. In case your guest could not attend and want to give wedding donations by online.
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Serve your international guests with their specific language. Change language feature make it easy to inform your international guest about your wedding day.
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Fast and Simple

Our wedding website is fast to be loaded in browser and simple for guest to use.
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Map Direction

Your guests can easily find the venues by using map direction feature.
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Guests List

Maintain your guests easily from our dashboard, and get to know how many people will attend your wedding day.
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Attendees List

A digital guests book of your attendees connected to guests list in our platform.
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You will get your guestlist file as a memory of guests who celebrated your precious moment with you.
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Event Reminder

Your guest can easily save your wedding date in their choice of calendar.
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Invitation and RSVP

Send your invitations online and get feedback from your guest within a second with our reservation feature.
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Be very happy to hear wishes from your relatives about your new life journey.
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Thank You Page

Beside RSVP page, you will also has thank you page, it is used for event reminder, e-wallet, and express your gratitude towards their response.
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New Way of Invitation, Online RSVP, Reporting and Guest Attendance Workflow

Our team has developed the best invitation, online RSVP, reporting, and guest attendance workflow to provide easy experience on managing wedding guests.

Best UX, Responsive, and Premium Website Design

Our designer provide elegant design for your wedding website, combined with responsive application and best user experience in one hand.